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“My grandad collected cars, my dad collected cars, and now here I am collecting models.

I’m passionate about motors, and like a collector I always look for better, more special and exclusive cars. Today we are making the best collections in the world for you, with models from once upon a time to the latest of the season.

We create mini-series and Build-up with all the best quality. These collections are highly rare – you can’t find them anywhere else”

- Owner, The Die-Cast Club

This brand is all about motors, we are crazy about Cars, Airplanes and Motorcycles and we want all of our models to be special, just for you.

Die-cast Club was created in 2013 and our success was so big that in 2017 we merge with Eaglemoss , a leading international publisher, ecommerce specialist & collectables producer operating in over 50 markets across Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, specialising in mass market and licensed collectibles from global brands such as Warner Bros, Disney, Marvel, CBS, HBO and many more.

The teams at Eaglemoss operate over 100 properties globally with new products being launched regularly.

We grew up to offer everything a true enthusiast could desire.

T-34 Russian Tank

T-34 Tank

Build an Exact Replica of the T-34-85

Already a subscriber? Download instructions to build the T-34 replica here.

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