Kurtzman signs new Star Trek deal



Alex Kurtzman has extended his contract with ViacomCBS to oversee more Star Trek projects.

The new $160 million deal keeps executive producer Kurtzman in charge of new and existing Trek projects until 2026.

CBS Entertainment Group president George Cheeks told The New York Times, "From the first meeting I had with Alex, it was so obvious to me that he’s our future. The guy can develop for broadcast. He can develop for premium streaming, broad streaming. He understands the business… When you make these investments, you need to know that this talent can actually deliver multiple projects at the same time across multiple platforms."

In a (paywalled) interview with the Times, Kurtzman said, "I do believe that the line between movies and television is gone now, and that to me is a tremendous opportunity. For me and for showrunners like me, we can tell stories in a new way. We are not limited by the narrow definition of how you tell a story—something must be told in 10 hours, or something must be told in two hours." 

Currently on Kurtzman's planner, is a second season of Star Trek: Lower Decks (premiering later this month), Star Trek: Picard season 2, Star Trek: Discovery season 4, Strange New Worlds (featuring Discovery's Pike and Spock), the animated younger-focussed Star Trek: Prodigy. A long-mooted Section 31 show, starring Michelle Yeoh, is still in development.

A new idea suggested by the interview is a Worf-focussed comedy based on a pitch from writer/producer Graham Wagner who wrote the Short Treks' Tribble episode 'The Trouble with Edward'. Kurtzman describes the concept as 'incredibly funny, poignant and touching'.

As for the future of Trek, Kurtzman said: "I think we’re just getting started. There’s just so much more to be had."