Child looking at the Batman interactive game on a smartphone



Today the first ever Batman Augumented Reality App launches globally!

The new app features exclusive Batman content, a new digital comic book, minigames, AR filters and Bruce Wayne technology-based learning experiences. While it's geared towards the younger fans, it's a joy for anyone wanting to immerse themselves in the Batman Universe. 


“The Batman mobile app showcases Batman’s innovative technology, using augmented reality like never before, and gives kids a way to unlock the mystery behind Batman’s crime-fighting gadgets,” said Kevin Morris, Vice President, Franchise Management and Marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Kids can now experience being a DC superhero alongside Batman, and while learning and playing they can also help save Gotham City.”

The app comes in over a dozen languages and focusus on narrative-driven and technology-inspired activities. It lets kids (and all Dark Knight fans) join his crime fighting team, the Knightwatch. Experience the world of the caped crusader, learn how to use his Bat-Tech to fight crime, and help defend Gotham City from his evil adversaries. What's more, the DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition app is COPPA compliant and free to download.  

The new game encourages you to take it with you wherever you go. Use the AR feature to find Batman's enemies around your area, learn about the crime-fighting tech, and use it to help foil the evil deeds of The Joker, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and many other DC supervillains! The entertaining story and interesting info about his fave technology are a great way to entice fresh eyes into DC's finest hero fandom, as well as create a new, fun environment for life-long fans. 

Besides the AR feature there are also minigames to play. Will you best others as the driver of the Batmobile? What about turning yourself into Batman, with the plethora of filters and stickers that you can find on the app and add to your photos?

DC has curated the extensive list of YouTube videos and made them available to watch straight from the app. Learn about his cowls, Batarang, Batmobile, and many more Bat-tech items that you can use in your AR Missions as part of the Knightwatch. 

The app also includes an exclusive Batman Knightwatch comic that you can read right there in the app in your prefered language! 

So what are you waiting for? Download DC: Batman Bat-Tech Edition right now to join Batman's Knightwatch and keep your city safe!

Available free on the App Store and the Google Play Store, it's playable on both tablets and smart phones. It's available globally and in 13 different languages.