Image from the film including the actors and Ecto-1

Are you a Ghostbusters Expert?

Are you a Ghostbusters Expert?

The Ecto-1, featuring in all three Ghostbusters movies, is one of Hollywood's most infamous cars and has a fascinating history both on and off-screen. The Ecto-1 made its triumphant return with Ghostbusters: Afterlife in 2021, adding a contemporary spin off for the franchise. From the history of the car itself to little touches throughout the three films that make the car so unique, there's a lot for fans to learn about the Ecto-1. Here are some incredible facts that explain why the Ecto-1 is so iconic…

The Largest Tailfins On A Car

One of the Ecto-1's defining features is the tailfins sported on the back of the vehicle. According to The Drive, this Cadillac Miller-Meteor features the largest tailfins on any car, highlighting the cars uniqueness and why fans love the model so much.

Ecto-1 Was Going To Be A Different Car

Fans know the Cadillac Miller-Meteor as the beloved Ecto-1, but this was not what Dan Aykroyd originally intended for the Ghostbusters to drive. According to Alt-Driver, in the original script, Aykroyd wrote the Ghostbusters as driving a 1975 Cadillac. Instead, in one of the many ways the original Ghostbusters script was changed, the 1959 Miller-Meteor was chosen. However, for the 2016 reboot, the 1975 ambulance would be the inspiration for the Ecto-1. This particular vehicle was a 1984 Cadillac Fleetwood hearse of a similar design to the '75 ambulance.

Ecto-1 or Batman?

The Ecto-1 is an iconic vehicle, almost as iconic as Batman's infamous Batmobile. But what many fans may not know, is that Ecto-1 was going to have a similar colour scheme to the Batmobile. According to The Drive, Dan Aykroyd had described Ecto-1 as a darker, more sinister-looking vehicle. Instead of the famous white with red accents, it was going to be all black with purple lights and accents. However, since so many scenes with the Ecto-1 were shot at night, the final product was allocated the white and red colour scheme for the vehicle to stand out, which is the image that the car is so famous for.

The Ecto-1 in black and purple design

Real Smoke In Ghostbusters II

As reported by The Drive, the smoke rising from Ecto-1 when Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore are driving through New York City, was not a special effect. Supposedly, the vehicle broke down due to poor maintenance on the Brooklyn Bridge, causing an extensive traffic jam and resulting in the NYPD fining the production. The Ecto-1 used for this scene was from the first Ghostbusters film. A new Ecto-1 had to be made to continue filming the second film.

The Ladder Was Moved in Afterlife 

Ecto-1 features a plethora of unexplained gadgets on top of the iconic car. One of the items seen in Ghostbusters is a ladder, likely to help the Ghostbusters access the roof. This ladder ended up being moved to the opposite side of the car when Ecto-1 made its great return in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

The First Shot Of Ecto-1 Is Doctored

When the Ghostbusters finally get a job, they speed off into the night, giving viewers their first look at the new and improved Ecto-1. When filming, the Ecto-1 is shown 1 making a fast-peeling turn and driving off into the city. What many might not know, is that this footage is played back at a high-speed. The Cadillac Miller-Meteor is a large and cumbersome vehicle so it couldn’t take off at speed. Therefore, the footage was sped up to make the Ecto-1 appear much faster than it was, giving the movie a sense of urgency and excitement.

Build Your Very Own Ecto-1

Why not discover the past and save the future with your very own Ecto-1! You can now join the Ghostbusters team by building the infamous Cadillac Miller-Meteor, with rotating lights, opening doors and much more!